Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Review: A Long, Slow Slide

My fortune cookie said that the year ahead would bring new experiences. Before I prepare for the new take a look at what happened in the previous year:













I reviewed my posts from the last year. The frequency with which I have posted has slowed to a little more than once a week. All this year I have been a little stuck and that has come out in my work. It was a long, slow slide to blah. I tried my hand at vlogging, but I found it to be too time consuming and being in front of the camera was not what I wanted. I tried to walk through a typewriter restoration, but I ran out of steam somewhere in the middle. The USB typewriter worked, but I wasn't bowled over by the experience of making it. Lackluster. That would be the summation of by blogging year. 

Even though I waded hip-deep into a treacly morass there were some bright spots. The NBC story was fun. I enjoyed the process of turning my blog into a book. I made some funny images. I had that awesome display and lecture.

With the bad there is good. New days are ahead. I hope that you have enjoyed every fun-packed bit that MM 2013 had to offer. Now we can move onto 2014.


  1. Don't blame yourself for the 'blahness' of the year, Ryan. 2013 was pretty...'beige', and stripped many of inspiration. I liked your noir photo. Even inspired my comment. I'm a sucker for shadows. Very atmospheric picture.
    Anyway, here's to a brighter year ahead in 2014!

  2. 2013 was a year I could have done without... but, that's life I guess. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for the new year. Have a great one!

  3. Seems to be the theme of 2013 for so many of us: blah.

    You had quite a busy and interesting year. Too bad about the pineapple. I remember your post. Did you get the machine cleaned and back operating?

    I've enjoyed each of your posts and your clips. I understand the time involved in doing any restoration. I imagine doing a video of it is a huge burden. I do photos so I remember how things go back together, and if I decide to post any I find the time it takes to edit gets out of hand video must take much much more work.

    Best wishes for a great 2014.

  4. I miss your vlogs, they were very well done. (:

    ok, 2014: Type-In 5, and maybe we can get the locals together for some photography fun sometime. Onward, upward!

  5. Sounds like a pretty darn good year to me.

    Hey, I would love to read your November lecture. Pretty please?

    1. That will be my next post, I promise.

    2. oh, good! I was sad to have missed it. (:

  6. To me, it sounds action-packed -- remember how many people were seeing typewriters or yours or typing for the first time, thanks to your work. A certain percentage will decide to, er, "start a band" based on those experiences or seeing the NBC show. Someone who was just about to toss a machine will put a ribbon in it instead. Yes, sticking together a USB typer if done correctly, it probably tedious, like tuning a piano or cleaning a carburetor -- if you found yourself going "Whoopie, can't wait to do that again," THAT's when to worry!