Monday, January 6, 2014

November Lecture Notes

I promised Dr. Polt that the next post would be about my November Lecture. I am the type of lecturer where I create an outline and go from there. It's a by-product of the extemporaneous nature of teaching.

I divided the lecture into two three parts. The first part was a overviews of the Typewriter Renaissance and how it came to be. I spent some time talking about the origins and influences of the movement. The second part was devoted to the CTP and what I have done with typewriters in education. I shared the results of the original experiment and the inventories that came later. I drew some interesting conclusions about student metacognition. This was the largest part of the lecture. The final part was a small survey of the typewriters on display. I picked out some of the more interesting choices and shared their history and importance in the great chain of typewriter being.

I probably should have recorded the thing, but it was nice to be in the moment and not worry about a camera.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Ryan. Looks like it was an interesting talk. It makes me even sorrier that I missed it. Would you be willing to post the pictures of the students that you shared?

    I'm also curious which machines/brands you recommended for beginning typists.

  2. I wish I were there to hear the lecture. The outline was very interesting and I can only imagine how great you were at giving the lecture. Excellent work.

    Do you know how many of your students continue typing after they leave your class?

  3. Thanks for sharing this very interesting text. I've sent you an e-mail!

  4. Man, I wish I could have seen this lecture. Thanks for sharing the notes. Next time I get down there feel free to give it over dinner.

  5. Thorough and scholarly must surely be your middle names. Any lecture notes I ever made were scrawled in the vaguest bullet points, I busked the rest. Maybe that's why The offers dried up :-( Something inside is warming to the idea of replicating your lecture worldwide (like a Ted talk but live) just using your notes... and maybe a bow tie. Great stuff, it should be parked on the database with other useful ducuments.