Friday, January 31, 2014

Dip and Dunk

When a typewriter is so dirty or filled with dried pineapple juice, you sometimes have to take drastic measures. Soapy, drastic measures.

It's the 'old dip-and-dunk.

Vigorous dunking loosens all the dirt. A rinse with hot, hot water comes next. Then, it's off to the oven for a bit of drying. I think 130° F until all the water has evaporated. Oil (ribbon spool posts, carriage rails, shift linkage, other similar parts) while warm and enjoy a very clean typewriter ready for another 60 years.


  1. I've been drying in the over for a while, and yeah. I would agree that 130 is about the right temp (about 55c) Going up to 70c (150) will weaken or damage most plastics. PS. Fan forced ovens are the best at this. And yeah, oil while still warm. It works almost perfectly that way.

  2. Great work on cleaning the Royal. I've not tried soap and water on the main workings of any of my machine yet.

  3. I need a wide, deep sink. all the sinks in this place are tiny and shallow. ):

  4. Wow who would have thought! I might try this on my gummed up Olympia SF!

  5. Ever tried this in a dishwasher? Without the salt but with detergent? Heck, you could clean ten at a time.

    1. I love the dishwasher idea. But i think my wife wouldn't!