Saturday, September 23, 2023

Dispatch from the 2023 Phoenix Type-In

Bill Wahl from the Mesa Typewriter Exchange texted me a few weeks ago inviting me to the 2023 Typewriter Round-Up Type-In at Changing Hands in Phoenix. It has been years since I've been to a type-in and this one was really fun. I've organized type-ins in the past but being there and participating in the kononia of typewriter camaraderie is a wonderful feeling. I only brought one typewriter--the blue Royal QDL (last picture in this post). 

This yellow Royal QDL was a sunny sight to behold.

This Olivetti has an amazing typeface and snappy feel. Beautiful.

It was a well-attended type-in. There were representatives from far-flung parts of the West; Joe Van Cleave, The Rt. Rev. Munk, Jeremiah, and other Typosphere luminaries. I thought the machine selection was varied and interesting. Also, the interest from the patrons of Changing Hands added to the exciting atmosphere. Speaking of Changing Hands, they were incredibly gracious and a wonderful host for all the Phoenix Typewriter Round-Ups.