Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Scent of Spring


  1. You should be getting some mail from me very soon, if you haven't already! I like the Arrow - very nice little machine that is sorely missing from my collection. Hmmm...

    Mid to high 80s?? Here in Chicago we're hoping to break the 45 mark sometime Monday or Tuesday! Well, enjoy it! I noticed the first few greens poking through the flowerbed today...even they are ready for spring to spring!

    The Skywriter is a great portable but can be tricky to fix should a student be...well, a student and do something to it. Have you thought of a low cost Brother/Webster? I have a Webster I let my 6-year-old daughter use and they're built like tanks even though they're little Japanese machines. They always seem to be up for bid on eBay. If I recall I got mine for $35, including shipping. Just a thought.

  2. I used to go to Phoenix every spring for Spring Training, and I agree, it's a dreamy place in the spring.

  3. Mid-80's? That is the worst part of summer for me.
    I was going to suggest Brothers as well. There's one on shopgoodwill that I don't expect will cost much. Watch for store brands - I have a Kmart Brother and gave away a Sears. They're solid and fairly common.

  4. Here with you on the temperature thing, wordrebel. I'd be happy to just not see my breath when walking outside!

    I'm kinda thinking the same thing above, something common, durable and cheap.

  5. Petition the NEA for funding as a "Living Art Installation" and buy a brace of Hermes Babys for the class with the grant. Then they'd have to treat them like Babies.