Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fine Purchase

Class has started again, and the kids are typing away. I have some other student typecasts that I never quite got posted. I am going to post them as a static page. They are a hoot to read and I want them to be read.

Fiscal Plan? Fun Payroll? Fire Peons? All business!
The Purchase to which I allude is actually a Royal FP. This massive machine is going to be set up in a corner of the classroom for anyone who would want some time alone with their thoughts. I am slowly working on having every Royal desktop standard in my class. This is a crazy goal, but goals are good to have. I have the HH (more for my use) and now this FP. I love that the desktops are so much cheaper than their portable counterparts. Another benefit is that I have the space and audience to justify their addition to the collection. Desktops have always appealed to me.

Perhaps it is their girth and weight. Perhaps it is the comforting thought that the weight of a desktop could prove an asset were we, for example, invaded by Visigoths from the east. Just take to the top of your crenelated tower and hurl KKMs, FPs, and HHs. Nothing stops a Visigoth like a FP to the head.

Without jest, desktops are wonderful to use. They can be fast (if you're fast), tough, and incredibly dependable. If you have just one standard desktop, make it a Royal.

This specimen is in good shape, however something strange seems to have happened to the escapement in transport to school. I am sure that there was some preexisting condition. I've called our Man in Mesa for a consult and it will be on its way to MTE as soon as possible.

In the interim, please enjoy the pictures. Also don't forget to enter your comment for a chance to win a nice Rhodia stapled journal. In the stores this very journal retails for money. Click on this sentence to be taken to the post.

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