Friday, March 4, 2011


well, with that in mind, I thought it would be smart of me to think about the typewriters I plan on bringing. Obviously, my pride an joy, the Royal Quiet Deluxe should be allowed an outing. Normally it sits on the shelf looking pretty, but tomorrow it'll be hitting the town. The blue Olympia SM3 will be tagging along as well. The color is wonderful and the condition is nice. It will juxtapose perfectly against the black QDL. Finally, after much hemming and hawing, I am going to bring the 1969 Hermes 3000. It is going to serve as the official guest book. This Hermes is not a looker, but it is a good solid performer that has yet to fail me. As people arrive, they can type-in a message. 

Tonight and tomorrow I plan on assembling all the stuff I'll need for the event. I completely forgot the modest door prizes at school. I'll have to make a small trip back to get everything, but that's no biggie. I am getting seriously excited. 

On a wonderful note, Georganne, the proprietress of Frances Vintage (a wonderful boutique in Phoenix) was kind enough to post the flier for the Round-Up on her blog. Take a look. I've been to Frances and it is simply the best place to buy a gift for the significant woman in your life. There are things with frills and adornments!