Sunday, February 5, 2012

Welcome to Magic Margin

Some of you, no doubt, are visiting for the first time. Welcome. Typewiters are wonderful machines and I love to share them. So, please look around. If you click on the links to the side you'll find a smattering of our classroom collection, links to other typewriter sites, and an archive of posts for this blog. You'll find some serious stuff, some fun stuff, some interesting stuff, and some absolutely silly stuff.

The original concept behind The Classroom Typewriter Project was to have students write without distraction. Computers have become distracting devices the divert our attention from quiet inspiration and real reflection. The typewriter is still the perfect machine for getting ideas neatly presented on paper. Moreover, the typewriter requires the author to be aware of GUMS (grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling) because a typewriter has a way of making your literary missteps very public.

To bring you up to speed on what has happened I have aggregated some of the older posts from this blog. These will be helpful in understanding the goals and what I wanted to do.