Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Typewriter Dramatics

Imagine having some guests over to your house. As the conversation evolves someone, perhaps that guy from your office who keeps trying to show you various "apps" on his iPhone, turns a glancing eye to your den.

"What's that?" says Chad (because they are all named Chad) pointing to the desk.

You respond, "That? It's something very special. I keep it covered to protect it."

"Does it have apps?"


You stand up and your guests follow you to the den. Snapping on the lamp, you take the cover and with a dramatic flourish you remove it to reveal a pristine Royal Quiet De Luxe.

The silence is cut by Chad (because he's just so annoying), "So, no apps?"


Paul emailed me a few days ago to let me know that he tried making one of the typewriter covers that I wrote about in a very Typewriter Cover-themed blog post. Here it is. In addition to the wonderful email, Paul sent a picture of his handiwork.

Quite nice quilted cozy.

Needless to say, I am overjoyed that the "pattern" proved to be a success. Good work Paul!


  1. Nice typewriter cover (but no aps.?) Nice thing about a manual typewriter; no encumberances.

  2. Nice cozy!

    We don't have apps, but we have accoutrements: covers, pads, cases, cleaning cloths, brushes, ribbons, all that good stuff.

  3. No apps here, but lots of Chads.
    We've all been exactly there, with our own personal Chad.
    Well done.

  4. Reminds me of a certain Whole Foods employee who wasn't sure what my typewriter was even after I opened the case. Oh, Chad.

    I kinda want one o' them typewriter covers for my TM5.