Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Peter, You Rock!

I also snapped a few pictures from my third hour class. It was a very type-tastic day!


  1. heh, I'd hesitate to call myself a founding father, but I am pleased to have helped such a worthwhile cause. (:

    To those who are thinking of following the example, please do! The only thing more satisfying than finding a good typewriter in a thrift store is seeing someone else fall in love with it. :D

    1. Actually, two of the ones you donated are pictured above. Sure, they are a slightly different color, but they work like a charm!

  2. Kids hard at work writing... it's all good!

  3. Aww... thanks man! You did well on tv!

  4. I just love these pictures. The kids are going to remember your class for years and years.

  5. Ryan, I don't know what your view count is, but this is good news and deserves as wide an audience as it gets. This isn't a bunch old farts (sorry chaps, you know what I mean) sitting around collecting obsolete hardware. This is storytelling. Thanks for a life-affirming post, if it made any sense at all, I'd ship some spare machines. What's really needed is UK franchise. Calling UK educators!

  6. It's long troubled me how little room there is for dignity and pride in the lives of young people today. They're either having advertizing pushed on them, or they're being pulled through the meat-grinder of standardized testing. Either way, they're a product before they're a human being.

    But in these photographs you can sense the students' dignity, pride, and style. This is fantastic: real human beings learning to express themselves with tools. I feel like there might be a chance for these kids. When did we forget this is what education is about?

    Our schools need more men like you, good sir!

  7. Yes, this is good, and wonderful to expose these kids to the typers. I just hope, knowing institutions, that you take these with you when you retire, change jobs, etc., since I'm afraid the school would end up throwing them out, as most public schools did their typers in the 80s and 90s. As we've seen recently, even museums will throw out old type writers. Best of luck!