Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Showing Off

I think I might have mentioned it a while ago, but Mrs. Magic Margin, Baby Magic Margin, and I moved to a new house. It's much bigger than our old house and the perfect place for a growing...typewriter collection! Mrs. Magic Margin was adamant that I have a place (out of the way) that I can display a respectable number of typewriters. After some thinking, we bought my favorite bookshelf from IKEA; Expedit and assembled it in what we call "The Typewriter Room."Each box in the bookcase is just barely large enough to hold a standard Royal-size portable typewriter. Pretty much every example from my collection fits. The only exception is the Facit. I have it set on top of the bookshelf along with a Royal Model O to give the top a visual balance. See for yourself in the photo-set below and please excuse me for showing off.

The Complete Adney Collection

U.S. Navy Aristocrat

This little three needs some polishing.

A new addition to my collection.
The platen is frightfully hard.

The trusty Model 7 gets a high spot.

My first typewriter.

Another shiny one.

The tawny twins.