Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Showing Off

I think I might have mentioned it a while ago, but Mrs. Magic Margin, Baby Magic Margin, and I moved to a new house. It's much bigger than our old house and the perfect place for a growing...typewriter collection! Mrs. Magic Margin was adamant that I have a place (out of the way) that I can display a respectable number of typewriters. After some thinking, we bought my favorite bookshelf from IKEA; Expedit and assembled it in what we call "The Typewriter Room."Each box in the bookcase is just barely large enough to hold a standard Royal-size portable typewriter. Pretty much every example from my collection fits. The only exception is the Facit. I have it set on top of the bookshelf along with a Royal Model O to give the top a visual balance. See for yourself in the photo-set below and please excuse me for showing off.

The Complete Adney Collection

U.S. Navy Aristocrat

This little three needs some polishing.

A new addition to my collection.
The platen is frightfully hard.

The trusty Model 7 gets a high spot.

My first typewriter.

Another shiny one.

The tawny twins.


  1. Beautiful! It all looks incredibly neat. We have an Expedit too, but our house is smaller so ours is chock-full of stuff.

    Just wondering - what happens to all the cases? Stored in the basement?

  2. Very handsome way to display them.

  3. Nice display! I wonder if there's a way to hack some existing Ikea product(s) to make door for those cubbies? I'd love to have the space to do something similar, but the dog hair would surely collect if they weren't protected somehow.

    Also FINALLY watched the CBS piece, which featured your students so prominently. My wife relayed a story as we watched it: a friend's college freshman just received a writing assignment back that was all marked up -- she didn't capitalize anything in the paper. When confronted, she said "Well, Word does that for you automatically." I may have to prescribe a typewriter to address the problem...

  4. So neat, it works very well in showcasing each of your machines.

  5. The tawny SC could do with losing a few pounds. That's a tight fit. These look really good - and if you wanted to keep the dust (or Mike's dog hairs) away, glass or perspex up-and-over door flaps should be relatively easy to fit. Can't wait to see how you light it at night. Admit it, you have a few micro-spotlights picked out already!

  6. Oh this is so cool! Now if I only had a wall where I could do this!