Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Viral Typosphere

Mike Clemens mentioned this idea and I ran with it. If you see a lonely looking typewriter at an antique mall, Goodwill, or thrift store feed one of these pages into the machine. Then, walk away. Inquisitive people will definitely read the page and this might pique their interest in the Typosphere. Fun idea, huh?

I do not recommend that you bother people or get into trouble over this. The idea is definitely more surreptitious that a poster, card, or website, but it can be a fun little discovery for the person who buys that typewriter you pass up. Feel free to adapt the format to your aesthetic or regional tastes. I have linked two different versions. One is geared for Arizona, the other is more generic.

Click on Arizona
Click on World

N.B. There is no image on the bottom half because the page is meant to be fed into a typewriter.


  1. Best. Promotion. Idea. Ever.

    I can leave it in all those typewriters I don't bring home!

    Oh wait, I think I've spotted a flaw in your plan... ;-)

    This is a great idea, Ryan.

  2. You subversive, you!

    I'm printing some copies right now. Brilliant.

  3. Nice! I am printing up a few now.

  4. yeah, I'm afraid the "don't bring home" part is the major flaw. The only people seeing them will be those who buy crappy leftover electrics!

    Well, I might as well print some out for the machines I have displayed at the office. (:

  5. Great idea Ryan! People tell me about machines they have seen in thrift stores (we call them "charity shops" or "fleamarkets" over here) but I rarely see them. Maybe a new fangled-approach would be to put the link in queries to people selling typewriters on ebay? An invitation to the typosphere may even help them to sell some harder-to-shift machines?

  6. Oh this is so very, very cool! Thanks Ryan!