Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Typewriter Round-Up Adverts

I have been working on several versions of the posters for the Phoenix Type-In scheduled for March 5th. I've finished one version in B&W that can be printed on 11x17 paper. There is a smaller 5x7 size one to the right of this post. As the days progress I hope to finish all the other sizes.

The plan is to go to some of the more interesting independent coffee houses and stores and ask them to post them. With any luck I won't be the only person there.

11x17 Poster Link
11x17 Color Poster Link
8.5x11 Poster

UPDATE: All the psoters ahve been done and I have contacted several local media outlets. We'll see what happens!


  1. I bet people from the journalism school would be interested. Journalists love typewriters. Did you inform the local news about the event? Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  2. Mcget here...
    I recommend a quick email and snail mailing to english departments, graphic and web design firms and the "hipper" thrift shops in town that might have typewriters...

    Maybe even a few of the hipper bike shops!

    and wish I could be there -- mcget...

  3. I love the 11x17, especially since the typewriter features is one of my favorites. I think I will user it on my next typecast!

  4. Definitely get the local media involved, if you can, as the event approaches. The Philly event got lots of press. Good luck!

  5. Looks pretty snazzy, dude.

  6. I took one of the flyers over to Bill Wahl at Mesa Typewriter Exchange when I picked up my H2000 (Ellery is having escapement issues, sadly). He was very excited and said he might show up with a couple of machines. seemed like a definite "maybe".

    Perhaps if a couple other local typerati dropped by his shop and talked the event up, you could get a committed "yes"?