Monday, January 17, 2011

Typewriter Desk

Our home has a one-year old who loves paper. That's why there is no typecast in this post. My son ate it. Trust me, it was a wonderful typecast. Anyway, a little web-surfing came up with this interesting article from 1942.
After you go through the process, you should have this 40s-tastic desk:

I took a look at the dimensions and this would be the perfect home for a QDL.


  1. That's cute. Looks like it would need to be good and sturdy, though, to avoid bouncing up and down when you typed.

    Good luck with your little papyrovore.

  2. Is "My son ate my homework." the new "Dog ate my homework"?

  3. It would need some sort of catch so you wouldn't slam it shut every time you returned the carriage, wouldn't it?