Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free Stuff!

No, they won't erase that lingering ennui.
I feel like the bell of the ball. In the course of one afternoon all five of the erasers have been spoken for, but do not be discouraged. There are some deep, dark drawers that might offer up more treasures!

I still have 5 erasers that I would absolutely love to give away. These work on typewriter ink, carbons, and regular pen. They can be really useful. Drop me a line at I'll send you one in the mail. Click here for the original post.


  1. BTW, you did warn all your users to make sure to move the carriage all the way to one side or the other, so the highly abrasive rubber bits don't fall into the typewriter's innards?

    And as the proud new owner of a ream of Eaton's Corrasable Bond, I've just learned (actually once knew but forgot) that paper with watermarks should go into the machine so that the watermark reads correctly on the writing side, not backwards... this puts the proper "face" of the paper where the ink is being stamped in... and it will be easier to erase.

    Apparently, even modern, soulless Staples inkjet paper has a good and a bad side... you want to keep it "right side up" as it pulled out of the shrink wrapped cover.

    Finally, this tidbit from "Paper, the Fifth Wonder", 352 pgs., written and (apparently profusely illustrated by him also, as no artist is credited) by J.H. Ainsworth -- Thomas Printing and Publishing, 1959, Kaukana, Wisconsin.

    "To produce paper with specific characteristics it is necessary to change the setting of a roll. Sometime a light brushing of the fiber is needed and sometimes the roll must be set hard-down against the bedplate.
    For special grades-- such as glassine; and carbonizing paper, for the manufacture of carbon paper--stone rolls are used. These are usually cut from lava."

  2. Coincidentally, I have written a couple letters over the weekend with some Eaton's Corrasable Bond. In addition to your tip on writing on the "right" side, I noticed that this stuff smears really easy.

    I wasn't sure if it was just me being careless or the paper, so I rubbed my fingers all over some regular onionskin and copy paper I had typed on. I determined it was Eaton's fault:)

  3. Thanks! The eraser came in today! I look forward to using it (though hopefully I won't need it)!