Friday, January 7, 2011

The Mysterious Joe Van De Loo


  1. That's pretty cool.

    I have a little mystery with my Oliver typewriter. My mom found it in a little antique shop up in Michigan, probably about 100 or so miles away from where I live. Yet, there was a little service sticker on it from my town with an address just a few blocks from where I work.

    I've already went to the library to look up that typewriter shop in the annual directories, but so far, I've looked at 3 years (1914 - 1916) and have not found the shop.

    The mysteries we sometimes find are so much fun!

  2. That's a hell of a lot of words regardless of errors! That's fantastic! I have a Royal Custom III that has a name etched into the ribbon cover. I've actually used it as a basis for a short story I wrote on it.

    It's little things like this that make me love typewriters so much!

  3. Cool. The stickers, inscriptions, etc. that we find with our typewriters add a lot of interest. I am sure that this one is a joke, but it's a good one!

  4. Hey, can we please perhaps peruse a proper pic of the plaque, pal?

    sorry, couldn"t resist....

    how's the typewriter round-UP coming along?

  5. Pardon my paucity of pictures. I'll post a proper portrait post-haste.

    The Round-Up is going great! I am just finishing posters for the event and I am going to start going around and ask local businesses if I can post them. I am also going to have the posters available on-line for anyone who would want to help spread the word.

  6. That's a fascinating element of the machine's history. I wonder what the guy was like.

    Man, I wish I was in school again and having Walt Whitmas assignments assigned. I didn't study him until long after school.