Sunday, March 17, 2013

4th Time Around

There must be something in the sunshine that makes this dry and dusty town a nexus for typewriter fans. The luck of the sun...or maybe the Irish was with us because the 4th Phoenix Type-In and Typewriter Round-Up had a record crowd. For softies like me there was an additional "awwww" factor with Jeremiah (10 years old) who had seen the type-in during a rerun of Bill Geist's typewriter story, begged his mom to go, and was committed to "stay to the end."

For Christmas he received a Sear Citation in an ice-white color scheme. It's a great machine and he seemed immensely proud to show it off to other collectors. He had a great time going around and trying out new and different typewriters. He was even lucky enough to go home with another machine in tow; a nice Lettera 32.

The regular mugs were there; Bill Wahl, Theodore, Tori, Brian, Robert, Matt, &c. But there were more than a few new faces including, Alexander, a teen collector who brought his Remington Quiet-Riter to show off.

In terms of typers that stole the show my Royal KMG with italic type was warmly received, but it was Bill Wahl's prewar Olympia desktop standard machine that caught my eye. Yowser! Talk about shiny.

Here are the pics:

This time the event seemed more private. There were no reporters there; just fans of the typewriter. I hope everyone had fun. Ted will be scanning in the sheets from the typewriters so keep an eye out on .


  1. I thought NBC was going to film it!

    Anyway, looks great, and I'm especially happy to hear about the young typists. That Olympia is beautiful.

    1. There were a few hurdles, but they asked me to get a few minutes of film. So, with luck, they might use what I send them.

  2. Great photos, thanks for posting them. I had a mod 8 in my sights (a shiny looking one too) but sadly it got away. It wears its ribbons in kiss curls - that's theappeal for me.

  3. Sure - I've been there twice and have yet to meet you... Sounds like fun. Great Pics! I love that old Olympia.

  4. I love the inclusion of the young! My kids (8 and 3) have their own machines already. I'm looking for the perfect machine for my newborn. I know I will have three happy collectors to whom I can entrust my babies! Thanks for sharing the pics!!

  5. Ooh, that first pic is beautiful! Those machines have such a vibrant color! Very welcoming.