Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bill M., You Rock!

Whenever I verge on the edge of rude, the ghostly presence of Great-Nana Magic Margin descends from her ethereal plane to slap me up-side the head. I have meant and meant to post this thank-you to Bill M. a new donor to the Classroom Typewriter Project, but I have been derailed by Scientific keyboards and other little activities. 

Bill sent a very clean Japanese Olympia and a customized Royal Companion. The Olympia is a mate to one we have in the classroom. These snappy little typewriters are popular with students who are new to typewriters. They have a more modern look and a feel that is good for novice and expert typers alike. The Royal-- like all the other Royals-- will be loved and used. I am sure there will be some interest in the unique paint scheme.

Now, I have some shame and time and it's about time that Bill be recognized for some good old-fashioned thoughtfulness. Bill shipped these typewriters to Phoenix all on his own dime (as I am a teacher and very much out of dimes, nickels, or other form of pecuniary remuneration). It's his kind of kindness that gets these typewriters into the hands of students. And you know, there are other teachers out there looking to better the lives of students through non-digital writing. Think about sending someone a typewriter. They will appreciate it!

So, it's time I banish Great-Nana Magic Margin's ghost and say thank you to Bill. You rock!

Here are a few pictures:


  1. Beautiful typewriters. You're a good guy, Bill! (And Ryan, I'm sure your Great-Nana is pleased with you -- for the moment.)

  2. That was ever so nice of Bill. Your classroom project is great, and it is nice to see typospherians helping out.

  3. Bill has been quick to help with advice quite a bit on the forums, and has always seemed a really great guy. This clearly proves if further.

  4. And... can I just say, I love the look of that copper on the Royal. I've been thinking of coppering a typer of my own.

  5. That's so fantastic, you're awesome Bill!
    Loving the Royal paint job. (thumbs up)

  6. Well done Bill, and yourself for remembering to say thanks! But for some reason, and with my curiosity piqued, your post isn't showing me pics :-(

    PS: Stage Coach arrived

  7. Ah! NOW I see the photos - worth the glitch. Nice paint job on the Royal.

  8. Very humbling Ryan.

    I just returned from Iowa and while catching-up on my blog readings I find a huge surprise! I still have a few more to send. It is good to see they can be used to introduce your students to typing.

    1. Bill, I have to say thanks again! You are a gentleman of the Typosphere!