Friday, July 20, 2012

Typewriters are Everywhere

Mrs. Magic Margin is much more observant than me. She notices patterns that I think are just noise and coincidence. She has saved me more than once when I have glossed over a detail. So, it was no surprise when she leaned over to me while we were out seeing Moonrise Kingdom that typewriters are everywhere.

Example the First
Garnier BB face cream is for people who care about their face. I have always considered mine nothing remarkable, so commercials about this type of product fly over my ever-increasingly bald head. But, on the advice of Mrs. Magic Margin, I went to the Internet and found this commercial. It's the usual "make your face fresh" sort of stuff, but there is a typewriter in the last 1/4 of the commercial. It isn't a plot point or anything important, but it is a typewriter. You can plainly see from the two screen grabs below:

Example the Second
The Perks of Being a Wallflower has been in print for some time. It has just recently been turned into a feature film. (Fun fact: Chbosky wrote the novel and directed the film) I have never read it, but Mrs. Magic Margin says that it's a good book. The protagonist is shy and an aspiring writer and it's gospel that shy and aspiring writers need a typewriter. You can see from this still where Emma Watson (Harry Potter) and Logan Lerman (Hoot, Percy Jackson & the Olympians) are standing in front of a very nice Royal portable. However, the case is all wrong for the model. The prop master should have consulted with a Typospherian first.

Furthermore, the title is rendered in a typewriter-inspired typeface.

Example the Third
Now, I couldn't find any pictures for this third Proof, but the soon-to-be-released film, The Words has typewriters, original typewritten manuscripts, and literary theft. It's portrayed as a romantic drama about an author who finds a manuscript and plagiarizes the story as his own. As his literary celebrity increases, so does the price of stealing someone story. There are typewriters there too.

I could go on and on about the Pottery Barn catalog that features a Hermes Ambassador, or other examples, but you get the idea.

A Summation
What is going on here? What is the deal?

I think I have an answer. It's us. It's the Typosphere. Through our blogs, and type-ins, and articles, and documentaries we have brought the typewriter out of the dusty closets, musty basements, and stifling attics. We've started to make typewriters important; perhaps even more important than they were during the height of their use.

Regardless, it's a great time to be a typewriter collector.

Let's keep it up until typewriters are everywhere!


  1. It is the typewriter Insurgency at its best.

  2. That face cream looks a lot like a Remington key to me.

    1. I thought it looked like a Noiseless, but I couldn't tell.

  3. You can also tell that typewriters are becoming more important by the prices they are starting to fetch in online auctions.

  4. So....I asked this over at the PTF, and didn't get any answers. Do you know what that typewriter was in Moonrise Kingdom? It went by so fast I couldn't get an ID on it. It looked European to me, maybe Triumph-ish?

    1. I saw that you posted on the PTF, but for some reason I didn't respond. It was the one in the final scene, right? It was yellow if I remember. Maybe an Adler? Next time I see the movie, I'll look a little closer.

  5. We are the champions!

    I keep seeing typewriters in stuff I watch and read, and keep forgetting to take screenshots. it's getting very prevalent, or we are gaining laser-focus in our interest. Someone should do a control-group study and see if shows from the 80's/90's had as many hidden typewriters as we see in contemporary shows.

    But then, I've only been watching detective yarns from the 30's lately, so my perspective is wonk. plenty of typewriters in the "Poirot" series, and I'm currently reading and watching "the Thin Man". I so want to be William Powell, despite his non-typewriter-owning ways.

    1. I am a big Miss Marple fan and there have been a few Good Companions and other continental beauties. My typewriter radar is more active now, so I see them everywhere.

  6. Off-topic, but I recently have been having to a lot of work in a particular typeface - Gotham Rounded, as it happens - and now I see it EVERYWHERE! Supermarkets, bathroom appliance shops, chemist shops, credits on Family Guy... At every corner.