Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Type-In Leftovers

These were the pages folks were using at the type-in. Some of what is written is meaningful. Some of it is just silliness. Other things are random. It's fun to read none-the-less. Think of these musings as public cooperative poetry.


  1. Fun!

    (PS: Is it just me, or are the captchas getting increasingly brain-busting?)

    1. The most fun is that the 2nd example (it starts "nt...") is from a Bennett that Bill Wahl brought along.

      I have noticed that they are getting harder for me to read. Maybe I am getting old and my eyes are going.

  2. Very nice. I think the I-must-have typewriter for me is to have a TP1 or TP2 script to complement my TP1 Techno. I love the feel of the Facit. It is so smooth it is amazing. The only thing I do not like is the carriage is much more free and frictionless on a return on my J4 than the TP1. Maybe it is time for me to take my TP1 carriage apart.

    And what does the Russian machine say????

    I think the captchas are getting a bit eccentric, radical and ridiculous.

  3. The captchas are a pain and unnecessary, in my humble opinion. It discourages people to comment.