Monday, April 30, 2012

Big and Little Brother

As the semester winds down (we are three weeks from graduation) I have started to take inventory of machines both at home and school that I had all intentions of showing off here. I was thinking about this all the while looking at a very nice (if not dirty) Olympia SM-3 that I got a few weeks ago. There were two things that made it a pretty special little typewriter; the touch and the color.

I have one other SM-3 in sky blue. It's a great little machine, but for some reason the keys are a little stiff for my taste. They aren't pillowy like a Hermes 3000 (which I don't care for), but sluggish. It's very clean. That's not the problem. Even when the key tensioner is set to the lightest position it feels like I am typing through treacle. The green SM-3 as a totally different feel. It's lithe and very well balanced. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed typing on an SM-3. Maybe it's worn. Maybe there is something wrong, but it is really very good. Coincidentally, the only other green machine like this was brought to the latest Phoenix Type-In. It had much the same feel and it was green too. Hmm. I wonder if there is a connection between color and touch?

There isn't much exciting about the color other than it matches the Beast of Wilhemshaven. They look like  a big and little brother.


  1. Very nice display of the both side by side.

  2. They look pretty close in age. nice photo

  3. Yes, nice to see the "brothers" together.

    I think your blue SM3 must have some problem, maybe it need to be cleaned out.

  4. I agree with Richard. I've got three SM3s (good lord...) and they're rapid-fire snappy. One was sluggish until I spent a lot of time dripping isopropyl alcohol into the segment to de-gunk the type bars.

  5. Can you write something about the difference in typing comfort and touch between the SG-1 and the SM-3?