Friday, March 9, 2012

Photographic Evidence

A few days ago I lamented not finding more pictures of HHs in the rarer colors. Well, I stumbled across a picture of one while looking for information on the Royal Grand. Will Davis' site (currently mirrored by Machines of Loving Grace). When I first saw it I thought that the picture was just an odd shade, but as you can see, the ribbon is very visible. Very grey. This is a sombre typewriter. I LOVE it!

From what I have read this machine is the personal favorite of the Elder Davis. I can imagine why. Smooth operation. Snappy feel. Easy carriage tension adjustment. The keytop's bowl shape make typing less fatiguing. When it comes to the pinnacle of typewriter design perfection, this is it. I know they are not lookers, but form will follow function and these function perfectly.

From Machines of Loving Grace's mirror of Typewriters by Will Davis