Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Would You Call 16 Typewriters?

My wife would call it crazy. I would call it the largest donation the CTP has ever received. A few days ago I got into contact with a local real-estate agent, K., who had a large collection of typewriters she wanted to see go to a good cause. When it comes to typewriters the CTP is really the only good cause in Phoenix where a typer would get some daily use.

It took a 1/2 hour to get to N. Scottsdale (near Taliesin West), but the trip was worth it. There were machines from the teens (low-number Corona 3) all the way to the 1960s (twin Hermes 3000s). The variety is very nice and I know that some of these will be very interesting for students to use.

Most of them are in good condition. There are a few machines that need some work. I'll go through each one in subsequent posts, but I'll share some of the pictures that I took when I got them all home.

Twin Hermes 3000. Both have manuals and brushes.


  1. I call it a platen platoon!

    Have there been nibbles of interest from other teachers? Because pretty soon you're going to have a surplus, I'm happy to see.

  2. congrats on your new army of classroom typers! :D

  3. these are too cool! Looks like my attic!

  4. I'd call it one word: "glorious."

    Congratulations on your big find! There's a lot of typewriter history in there. You could practically open a museum.

  5. If this doesn't turn out an entire (local) generation of typospherians, I don't know what will.

  6. Wonderful! Nice to see them in their original state. A good mixture to begin with. Who will do the dusting and cleaning? I hadn't seen a "comet de luxe" yet.