Monday, July 4, 2011


We all know that Thomas Jefferson was the most poetic of the founding fathers. On this 4th of July I have one question: What typewriter would Thomas Jefferson use?


  1. Based on what I've read about guess is that he'd have found someone to custom design an elaborate and ornate handmade typewriter for him, and then would have ordered up several of 'em to be used in his various residences. He liked fancy toys, did Mr. Jefferson.

    John Adams, on the other hand, probably would have used something like an off-the-shelf Smith Corona Silent Super: solid, American, nothing too showy.

  2. Yep, old TW was a bit of a dandy. I'll guess a gold plated Royal.

    also, WTWWTJU.

  3. Probably not a Franklin.
    Definitely not a Royal.

  4. I have to go with LFP on this one. TJ was not content to make do with someone else's contraption. And he would have invented carbon paper to go along with it so he wouldn't have to type his letters more than once.

    I don't know how ornate it would have been. Most of his gadgets and inventions scattered throughout Monticello are pretty low-key once you get past their ingenuity. The autopen he invented (don't know if he also built it) is intricate in design, but simplistic-looking.