Thursday, July 7, 2011

15,000 Times: Thank You

Yesterday was a milestone moment for Magic Margin: 15,000 pageviews. To honor the special occasion Mrs. Magic Margin has been hard at work in the Magic Margin Labs to craft a new version of the typewriter cover debuted a few weeks ago. This is a special cover that will go to a commenter (chosen randomly) who gives a compelling argument as to why anyone would need 15,000 typewriters. Really, just comment and you are added to the drawing. This time next week I will announce the winner. You can comment up until next Thursday. Just so you know the cover fits most standard portable models SM-3-ish in size.

Thank you again for all the support!


Special commemorative badge.

Soft fuzzy lining to protect your typer.


  1. One needs 15,000 typewriters for three reasons:

    1) that's 15k wonderful mechanical marvels not rusting in a landfill.

    2) Because I would not be surprised if there were 15,000 unique mechanisms and typestyles/sizes that could be represented in a collection.

    3) because if you ever got tired of them or needed room, the Classroom Typewriter Project could use a few dozen. If Ryan were gifted with that many machines, he could give them away to the kids :D

  2. 15,000 typewriters in a collection is 15,000 typewriters that won't get keychopped!

    15,000 typewriters means if you used a different typewriter every single day to make one blog post, you would have just over 41 years of unique machines!

    15,000 typewriters could be put on display in some sort of interactive museum where kids could be introduced to the joy of typing.

    Also, that cover is AWESOME. I want one!

  3. I can't think of a reason why someone would need 15,000 typewriters, so that officially takes me out of the running, but I just wanted to say that your wife makes lovely typewriter covers.

  4. You need 15000 typewriters, because if you have only 500, you are 14500 short.


  5. Because then, inspired by Christo, you could make 15,000 orange typewriter covers - using the same pattern as the beautiful one in this drawing! - and then arrange them in a line, escaping from the headquarters of Apple or HP....

    Could you post the pattern, also? Would love to use it!

  6. I can't believe you guys missed the most obvious reason to own 15,000 typewriters... keep your 15,000 monkeys busy writing the complete works of Shakespeare.

  7. I was going to present the keychopper argument, but since ToriForte has beat me to it, I humbly withdraw. Like Strikethru, I think the cover is really pretty too :-)

    (*desperately wants to be included in the drawing anyway*)

  8. Having 15,000 typewriters is very important, but not for anyone alive today. In a few thousand years, when the contemporary archaeologists are digging up your house, they'll find all these old typing machines and postulate that even in the 21st century, typewriters were rampant and used daily. They'll inevitably find the typosphere and designate it as a "old world" religion and the typewriter will be the focus of a futuristic revival.

    So yeah, its extremely important to gather 15,000 typewriters!

  9. Mr. Mike Speegle, you're not quite correct. I'm going to make an obscure literary reference here and say it's to keep your 15,000 cloned Shakespeares busy.

    And please, tell Mrs. Magic Margin that that's a really lovely piece she's created.

  10. A person needs 15,000 typewriters in order to be an effective and prosperous typewriter dealer. And then s/he could move 15,000 of these nice covers. I'll take the first one, thanks. Great job.

  11. I'd build a house with 15,000 typewriters. And it will become... a writer's retreat.

  12. Dude Rino, that's brilliant. A house where you could type with the walls. Brilliant.

  13. You need 15,000 typewriters because after peak oil hits and the lights go out and manufacturing grinds to a halt, the manual typewriters made in the 20th century will be the most effective personal communication tools available. If you had 15,000 ponies (and riders) as well, you could almost keep the postal service working!

    It's also why we need 15,000 typewriter cozies to keep the machines safe and protected until their time comes.

  14. 15,000 typewriters, suitably crated, will be an ideal number to kick-start a peaceful revolution in any unstable state where AK47s are in short supply and the government controls the web. Think Africa. Think Middle East. Think Facebook. Revolutionary pamphlets will be fashioned into paper planes and flown over barricades where slow-release ink would drop dissent on the enemy. Carbon copies sealed in bottles for a coastal assault. The revolution will be typewritten.

  15. You need 15000 typewriters to generate a need for your own typewriter ribbon factory!