Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lonely Typewriter

Summer school is in full swing and the students are already using the machines. We are just about 1-to-1 in student-to-typewriter ratio. This allows the kids to choose a typewriter and keep it at their desk. This one ,complete with a story about a first football game, was left mid-word. The author will return to the story on Monday.


  1. Yay, the '62 Galaxy gets some love! :D

  2. As I get further into this thing I think that a classroom filled with 50s or 60s SCs would be perfect. They are really rugged and last forever.

  3. two years later it is discovered that SCM's do not stand up to the CTP workload very well. /:

    Has the Galaxy survived, or is it in the pile? I'm also curious if that white Sears plastic machine has survived the workload. Supposedly it's a 3rd-Generation Brother inside, and it'd be interesting to know how it worked out, durability-wise.