Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Typewriter Crafting: Dirt is an Enemy

If you were to read any instruction manual from the golden age of the typewriter you would find many references to the importance of covering your typewriter. This started me thinking. I have some typewriters that sit out and are completely unprotected. Sure, I want people to see them, but I also want to be able to use them without having to dust them off first.

Covers were once ubiquitous typewriter accessories. Now, they are nearly impossible to find in good condition and made of a material of which my wife would approve. That's why my wife and I made this:

What could be under this cover?

A blue Olympia SM-3!

When I say I helped, I measured machines and cut out the fabric. The actual sewing was done by the missus., but it looked easy enough to do.  I am currently working on a pattern that you can download and make your own. We also have been toying with the idea of selling them, but look for the pattern in the next few days.

In case there were any doubts in your mind as to the importance of covering your machine read this excerpt from the 1950 Federal Work Improvement Program Equipment Maintenance booklet (You can find the booklet in its entirety at this link):