Friday, March 9, 2012

Photographic Evidence

A few days ago I lamented not finding more pictures of HHs in the rarer colors. Well, I stumbled across a picture of one while looking for information on the Royal Grand. Will Davis' site (currently mirrored by Machines of Loving Grace). When I first saw it I thought that the picture was just an odd shade, but as you can see, the ribbon is very visible. Very grey. This is a sombre typewriter. I LOVE it!

From what I have read this machine is the personal favorite of the Elder Davis. I can imagine why. Smooth operation. Snappy feel. Easy carriage tension adjustment. The keytop's bowl shape make typing less fatiguing. When it comes to the pinnacle of typewriter design perfection, this is it. I know they are not lookers, but form will follow function and these function perfectly.

From Machines of Loving Grace's mirror of Typewriters by Will Davis

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The affinity I have for the Royal HH borders on lunacy. Thankfully, I only have the one, but given the option I would take another in one of the other 5 colors out there...

Here are some examples I found on the web (with as much attribution as I could gather):

A green HH as presented on the blog Typewriter Hoarding.

Pink on meedily's flickr account.

I have not found the blue, the yellow, or the charcoal/grey. If you know of a picture, let me know. If you have such a colored HH I would be really interested in getting one. Send me a letter, and we'll talk.

N.B. As far as I can tell, it looks like the colors were painted with some sort of sheen finish. The brown HH which is ubiquitous is always in a wrinkle finish. There is so little about these machines out there.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

FP In The Library

This is the FP in the school's library. When it was in my possession -- being more willing to beg forgiveness than ask permission -- I went ahead an painted it. The color was not exactly like the historic FP green, but gave an overall impression of the same color. In reality, the gray was chipped and scrapped from years of use in public education. This is one of the few public typewriters I have been able to get set up around our campus.

Krylon Celery Green. It's much lighter than the old FP green.

This FP has a a darker tint and earmuffs. 
The earmuffs are a carbon ribbon kit. 
Photo via Machines of Loving Grace

Blue FP from a Life magazine advertisement.

I have started to see an interesting shift in the mindset of my students. The typewriters are no longer objects of curiosity or antiquated tools, they are starting to become part of the fabric of their educational experience. It's an interesting and nuanced change. I am proud to have some hand in making that happen.