Monday, August 15, 2011

Green With Envy

I must be getting better at painting typewriters because this one took far less time that I anticipated. The celery green really is the balm that sooths my ire over not being able to find a nice mint HH.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's It Worth To Ya?

Craft people fascinate me. They have such a good eye for color and whimsy. That's why I like to browse through Etsy. Some things are a little over-priced, but it's nice to know that someone's not going to snipe your auction. Jerks. Anyway, I was looking around typewriters and Etsy seller Meedily has this typewriter for sale:

Hosted by Etsy. 
The list price is $399.00 with $51 for shipping. I love Royal HHs. They are my favorite typewriters and I have always wanted one of them in color. They are rare, but are they $450 rare? I would never deny someone some well-earned money, but I think that the price is just too high for a desktop machine. (My own HH was just $18) What do you think? Fair price or a little on the high side?

While doing some chores I started thinking about a value book. My wife and I have been collecting Heywood-Wakefield for many years and the price guide gives a good idea as to the real rarity of a piece. Moreover, the price guide offers a good starting point for how to tell a deal from a rip-off. It would be really useful to have something like this for the typewriter collecting community. When you are trying to negotiate a price it's helpful if you and the seller have a good idea as to the real value of an machine. So, someone, get working on that, please.

Friday, August 12, 2011

'Still, On the Wall' or 'Not Without My Record Book'

Written on one of the Hermes 3000 twins. The touch was a little stiff (note the absent 'd' from Richard's name), but worked loose with a little use.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dealer Decals

Here are my contributions to the little dealer decals:

?????? Typewriter: Adding Machine Supplies
Green Bay, Wis.

Bishop Buisness Equipment Co.
Omaha, Nebr.
Even on the prarie, you need a typewriter.

Bishop's Business Machines
Phoenix, AZ
I assume no relation to the Bishops in Omaha, Nebr.

Black Eye

A gift from Tom Furrier to complete this Corona. I'm sure it'll heal and go back to the lovely maroon color.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finish Line

After a serious amount of work I can say that the typewriter collection has been displayed. Now comes the task of outfitting the whole lot with typewriter ribbons. Actually, that is one thing that is currently missing. I don't have any ribbons. Allegedly, some were ordered last year by the outgoing department chair. However there is currently one pallet of supplies still missing and I think this is where the ribbons might be. While I hunt for these ribbons please enjoy these photos of all the typewriters. All-in-all it's an impressive sight.

This is a corner filled with cases and junk. I am looking
for some storage space for these things.

Ahhh. That's the ticket!

That's right, Erasmus. You watch over those typers!

1960s Row.

Left End, 1960s Row.

An entirely novel use for a broken Remette.

Serious. Serious. Serious. Gaudy.

Another interesting use for some old typers.

I found this wonderful stand under a terrible
electric typewriter. I haven't had a chance to
clean it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Ready

This was going to be a typecast, but this week has been devoted to staff meetings and getting my new classroom set up. With all the new typewriters I have had to re-think storage for this school year. If money was no object I would have something made, but that is a dream. So, I had a look at what IKEA had to offer. Surprisingly, there was a shelving system that fit the bill and was under the 100 dollar mark.

This is what it looks like assembled. It's very utilitarian (i.e. charmless) but it will get the job done. With all the typewriters organized it will be an impressive sight.

$70 and room to grow.

Don't worry. You won't be alone for long.

See, some friends.
With any luck everything will be wrapped up by Friday ready for the students to return.