Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's It Worth To Ya?

Craft people fascinate me. They have such a good eye for color and whimsy. That's why I like to browse through Etsy. Some things are a little over-priced, but it's nice to know that someone's not going to snipe your auction. Jerks. Anyway, I was looking around typewriters and Etsy seller Meedily has this typewriter for sale:

Hosted by Etsy. 
The list price is $399.00 with $51 for shipping. I love Royal HHs. They are my favorite typewriters and I have always wanted one of them in color. They are rare, but are they $450 rare? I would never deny someone some well-earned money, but I think that the price is just too high for a desktop machine. (My own HH was just $18) What do you think? Fair price or a little on the high side?

While doing some chores I started thinking about a value book. My wife and I have been collecting Heywood-Wakefield for many years and the price guide gives a good idea as to the real rarity of a piece. Moreover, the price guide offers a good starting point for how to tell a deal from a rip-off. It would be really useful to have something like this for the typewriter collecting community. When you are trying to negotiate a price it's helpful if you and the seller have a good idea as to the real value of an machine. So, someone, get working on that, please.