Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finish Line

After a serious amount of work I can say that the typewriter collection has been displayed. Now comes the task of outfitting the whole lot with typewriter ribbons. Actually, that is one thing that is currently missing. I don't have any ribbons. Allegedly, some were ordered last year by the outgoing department chair. However there is currently one pallet of supplies still missing and I think this is where the ribbons might be. While I hunt for these ribbons please enjoy these photos of all the typewriters. All-in-all it's an impressive sight.

This is a corner filled with cases and junk. I am looking
for some storage space for these things.

Ahhh. That's the ticket!

That's right, Erasmus. You watch over those typers!

1960s Row.

Left End, 1960s Row.

An entirely novel use for a broken Remette.

Serious. Serious. Serious. Gaudy.

Another interesting use for some old typers.

I found this wonderful stand under a terrible
electric typewriter. I haven't had a chance to
clean it.