Thursday, July 11, 2013

Promises, Promises, Promises Fulfilled

I just finished typing a letter to Keith Sharon. If the name sounds familiar you might want to check out Mike Clemens' post about Keith and what he is trying to do. Click on this sentence to read it.

It was a few weeks ago that Keith asked me to write him a letter. I promised and put it off. I remembered my promise and was distracted by a new typewriter. I remembered my promise and finally sat down and penned a letter worthy of correspondence.  I even have photographic proof that this letter exists.

Keith is waiting for your letter. He want to hear about the weather, your favorite foods, or how you feel about the Angels. His address is in the photo above. So, off you go. Write a letter and make a new friend.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Adney. I wrote down his address after reading his linked post on WTTT (Welcome to the Typosphere)and thought I would type him a letter. Of course, life got in the way, but I may just start writing one to him at a semi-leisurely pace. May even throw in a few photographs of various landmarks of my fair city.

  2. Oh, and I'll even include photographic proof too. You may have just started another trend, sir.

  3. Gee, my high school biology teacher would always tell us the road to .... well... when ever we told him we intended to do something. I am guilty of not sending a letter also. I remember your original post and I decided I would send a letter. I got out one of my machines and promptly started to write a letter, letters actually, to those to whom I had not corresponded for quite a while. I never wrote to Mr. Sharon.

    Now I posted a copy of a reminder on my typing table and placed an obvious reminder hanging down from my bookshelves beside my typing and radio tables so I will write a letter.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I did write to him the day the notice was posted on, and never got anything back, so he's a procrastinator too! :D

  5. Ah, ahem, yes. The spirit at the time was willing but the fleshy typewriter side of me failed to put ass into gear (as you might say over there). Anyone asking to be written to deserves a letter. I'll get right on it!