Monday, April 22, 2013

For Nick and All Typospherians

15 March 2020 Update: I think this link went dead. I have adjusted it.

Nick emailed me and asked if I would be willing to scan the instruction sheet for a Royal Portable Model O. Happy to help the Typosphere. I scanned it and made two versions. The first version is for printing on 11x17" paper and folding to your heart's desire. The second is for on-line viewing.

I've also run off a few copies and folded them for you. They are for sale (via this blog) for $1 including postage.


  1. it seems to be royal portable day in the typosphere: :)

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  3. Hi, Can you please re-link the files that you posted above? The links appear dead. I have a lovely Royal Quiet Deluxe from the 1940s. This publication looks great. Thank you, G

    1. I just updated the link. Granted, it is almost a year since you posted this request. My apologies.