Wednesday, September 5, 2012



  1. The sound reminds me of my mom's old Singer sewing machine. And they also reminded me of the pulleys in my old VW Beetle. XD

    Hmm... maybe the belt that runs on the middle and motor pulleys could use a little tensioning, looks a tad loose.

  2. Very cool. But - does the Lexicon sound like that all the time?

    1. I have been talking with people who have dealt with Olivetti electrics and it has something to do with the fluted power shaft. Being all metal it isn't as quiet as other electric typewriters that have rubber power rollers.

      With the case off, it is more noisy. I imagine that the 1/2" horse-hair (and maybe asbestos infused) sound deadening would mitigate the problem significantly. The body panels are solid aluminum bout 3mm thick. When everything is put together, I am sure that it is a very quiet typewriter.