Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ribbon Tin: A Modest Collection

I am working on a small shadowbox project for our home office. This room is also known as the "typewriter room." This is the place where all my private collection typewriters are displayed. The room is comfortable and very usable, but is does need a little decoration. That's where these really nice typewriter ribbon tins come it. Before I was finished with the project I wanted to share some quick photos I snapped.

This Carter's tin is my favorite. I love the star graphics.

The Panama tins are beautiful with the airplane graphic.

Ribbon tins are those fun bits of typewriter ephemera that add some dimension to the hobby. It must have been impressive to see all the varieties of tins stacked up in office supply stores. Now, they are a reminder of the way things used to be.


  1. I've seriously considered getting a few. Mum used to keep dressmaking pins in one. But I need to keep a lid on this ol'collecting thing. They do sport some gorgeous graphics though! Best thing is, even badly packed - they should survive shipping OK :-)

  2. I missed those completely; I've never seen tin cans like those around here. When I bought ribbons for our Olivetti machines back in the 1980s, they came in a dull cardboard box, or sealed in a small plastic bag. Never thought of saving any of those old packages.

  3. Some of the best art is done for packaging, and vintage packaging design was simply the best. Sure, some of today's plastic packaging may not rust or decompose as quickly as some vintage packaging material, but what incentive are we given to keep ugly plastic packaging?
    Thanks for sharing these great tins with us!