Saturday, June 23, 2012

Typewriter Day: Reflection

This post comes by way of my Royal QDL, the first machine I ever bought. Here is a picture (the one on the left):


  1. Of course, some would say that digitally recorded sounds and images = memories. A big mistake. They are just reminders.

  2. A local chain of former photo development / printing shops, which currently make a living printing digital images, have a slogan that roughly translates as this: "If it isn't printed, it isn't a photo". I couldn't agree more with that. I love the convenience of modern digital technologies, but I can't help thinking that there are certain aspects of life that just aren't the same in digital form.

    Right now I'm sorting my personal files and records... and I'm using my IBM Selectric to type the folder labels and file tabs. Sure, I could do that on the computer, but formatting a darned label and aligning it in the printer is too time consuming, takes a lot longer, and is more wasteful than doing that on a typewriter.

  3. I did, but not with a typewriter. Well maybe using the Morse Code is not non-digital since it is the original digital mode of communication ever since the days of Samuel F. B. Morse. Just no time for typing yesterday. So I guess when I was using phone mode I was not digital.