Friday, January 27, 2012

A Blog Post Where My Literary Celebrity Grows, A Call for Typecasts is Made, and A Silver Surfer is Announced


  1. Can't wait to see a silver-surfing Ambassador.

  2. Looking forward to all of these. I found on the Hermes 3000 that the aluminum part of the body very easily released its paint and was smooth and pretty underneath; I'm curious to see what will happen with an Ambassador. (I have a parts machine, by the way, if you need any parts.)

    1. Thinking about it I would love to have a replacement set of platen knobs, ribbon selector switch, and typebar unjammer keytop. Mine have yellowed to an unpleasent shade of green. I think it was the sun because the underside of each of these parts are still minty green.

  3. And an excellent contribution to "Bijou On The Nile" it is, too. Read it at