Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eduardo's Criticism

Coming out of retirement.
When Eduardo authored this typecast he was using a less-than-svelte Remington Performer. When he was working on the second draft I pulled out the "retired" Hermes 3000 and suggested that he try using it for the second draft. His experience was far better when he used the Hermes. On reflection, Eduardo said that if the Hermes was the one he started with his opinion would be much different. I think that goes to show that perceptions of the typewriter can be informed by the machine that had been used. If your typewriter was really nice you would have fond memories of the experience. If it was a terrible, clangy, Adler J5-like machine you might have a totally different response.

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  1. Resonance here :-) I have an Underwood 4 (in bits), an SM3 and an Everest K2 at arm's reach from the dining room table. My son chirps up, "Daaaad, can you get the little green one out of the attic? I need to do an essay for homework". He likes the light touch of the Antares, even though you have to keep an eye on the short ribbon which needs manually reversing every page or so.