Sunday, April 3, 2011



  1. Typewriter karma! Neat-o. Hopefully this means that that Smith-Corona Galaxie (in red!) that I missed out on on Craig's will net me some good juju that will pay off in the future.

  2. Tied?!? I must endeavor to become first place winner! :D

    Won't be hard if I keep finding nearly identical machines in pairs as I have of late...

  3. I'm going to be giving away a typewriter (Royal Sprite) of mine, wanted to run it by you to see if you'd want it for your classroom... I'm ASKING you because it's not a particularly great typewriter to use, though it's coolness factor is pretty high, for looks.

    Here's a picture of it, it's not yellowed like that IRL, just bad lighting:

    I'm giving it away because I have a Fleetwood (very much like it except woodgrained, hence even more coolness factor!) and I need to make room for my spring and summer findings.

    Let me know at belandnick (at) if you could use it. :)