Monday, April 18, 2011

Blickensderfer Ballyhoo

The only exciting news that I have to share is that a Blickensderfer 7 is on its way to my house. This machine will not make it into the classroom rotation. Instead, it will be on display in the "private collection".

To sate your thirst, I found this Blick 8 instruction manual. While more advanced (and newer) than my Blick, it still make for interesting reading.

Click Image to Read.


  1. sweet! Dude, you're gettin' a Blick!

  2. That's really something. :D

    Back at my old hometown of Litchfield, Michigan, they had a weekly newspaper called the Bally Who in the seventies. Random. (Not that I was there at the time!)

  3. Great!

    No, that should not be a classroom typewriter, though your students would probably get a kick out of inspecting it (delicately, under your supervision).