Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Olympian from the West

I love it when Greek mythological allusions make it into products. I am thinking, of course, of Zeus' messenger; Hermes. He is the winged sandal-wearing trouble-maker. Our Hermes, however, has never caused an ounce of trouble. But there is a new member for our typing pantheon winging its way across the United States.

An Olympia SM-3 (from an anonymous donor) is on its way to Phoenix (more Greek mythology). The donor was a student at ASU in Tempe (as in Vale of Tempe) in the late 70s. This particular machine is a blueish color with all the wonderful chrome bits and pieces. I think it is a really pretty machine.

I am excited to finally have an Olympia in the collection. I have never used one and there have been some requests for more European machines. We'll see what condition this one is in and if I need to do a few tweaks. There are some bits I have been reading about rubber bushings that might need to be replaced.

I wonder if anyone ever sent in the coupon to hear the "full story set to music?"

I am also proud that this is my Diamond post. 60 is the largest number of posts I have ever made to any blog. I must really like this stuff.


  1. Vocal by 4 Chicks and Chuck ... I would love to hear that!

    There is an Olivetti Valentine song here.

  2. So, it looks like the Four Chicks and Chuck were a spin-off group from The Modernaires. The Modernaires were best know for singing along with Glenn Miller's Orchestra. Chuck Goldstein formed the new group when Glenn went into the army. Interesting.

  3. I think, by the way -- though I have no proof -- that the Olympia name was inspired by the 1936 Berlin Olympics. They called their typewriters AEG before Olympia.