Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Adler J5

If anything I am haunted by the blog post "Is the Adler J5 Junk?" That post is the third most-often looked at post I have ever written. How could it be then that another Adler J5 has come into my life? Goodwill.

We were cleaning out some things and I said that I would take all the donations over to the local Goodwill. I haven't had any luck at the local GW since I passed up an IBM Selectric in light blue.  (The same machine pays a part in Catch Me If You Can.) I walked over to the electronics department and I did not see the tell-tale typewriter case. Scattering the shelves was the usual bevy of printers, odd remotes to long dead televisions, and cheap 35mm cameras. I walked by without even noticing the black plastic case. Rummaging around another section, I found a nice old Polaroid Land Camera 600 (you can still get 600 film from the Impossible project) and not much else. On the way to the check-out lane the black case caught my eye. Every thought turned to it being an electric typewriter, but I was surprised to find it was a manual Adler J5 in fair shape. After a once-over the machine seemed solid and so I went to the check-out Polaroid and typewriter in hand. $9.00 would have been a good price to pay, but 4.50 is even better. It was my luck that the yellow tags were %50 off that day.

Is this typewriter Providence showing me the error of my Adler-hating ways? Perhaps, but this typewriter is headed for the classroom when we return in August.

Those keys are brown, not black. Black would have been much better.

A coronet.

A badge.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eduardo's Criticism

Coming out of retirement.
When Eduardo authored this typecast he was using a less-than-svelte Remington Performer. When he was working on the second draft I pulled out the "retired" Hermes 3000 and suggested that he try using it for the second draft. His experience was far better when he used the Hermes. On reflection, Eduardo said that if the Hermes was the one he started with his opinion would be much different. I think that goes to show that perceptions of the typewriter can be informed by the machine that had been used. If your typewriter was really nice you would have fond memories of the experience. If it was a terrible, clangy, Adler J5-like machine you might have a totally different response.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Raquel's Deeper Understanding

This is Raquel's first summer-school typecast. Raquel is a bright young lady who has really taken an interest in the typewriter. Her favorite is a mid-century Quiet De Luxe.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Phoenix Typewriter Round-Up II: The Temple of Typers

By any measure you can imagine, the Phoenix Typewriter Round-Up II: The Temple of Typers was a success. Attendance was around 20 (more than 3 times as many attended the first Phoenix Type-In) and judging from the smiles and happy faces everyone had a good time. There was a good selection of typewriters to look at. I brought my Royal HH, Silver-Surfer Lettera 22, Blick 7, and a very nice Royal Model O.

My HH served as the Guest Book.

There were Hermes galore, Remingtons, and Coronas. However, typewriters were not the only excitement. Gary Nicholson (of the LA Type-In fame) was there with to colleagues. They are starting work on a documentary on the typewriter in the 21st century. The project is just getting off the ground and they have a large project in mind, but from what I have seen, they are really getting into the heart of the movement.

Bill's Corona 4 with lustrous gold paint. 

Compared to the last PT-I there were many more women in attendance. It's a refreshing thing to see that typewriter love knows no gender line.

Doubtless, you will hear much about the Phoenix Typewriter Round-Up and I'll have more in the very near future, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the two wonderful donations that the CTP received. One Sears manual (based on the Brother frame) came by way of Ted. The other machine is a Brazilian-made Hermes that Marshall wanted to find a good home. Both typers are in wonderful shape and will be well received in the classroom. These gentlemen will also be honored with a star on the donor list. It can only happen at a type-in: you leave with four and come home with six.

Remington, Corona, Royal, Blickensderfer.