Donors to the Project

I have tried to donate as much to this project as my meager teacher's salary will allow, but man is not an island. I would like to thank these contributors to the Classroom Typewriter Project. :

Hermes 3000, 1960s
Royal Tab-O-Matic, 1970s
Brian Beech

Olympia Portable, 1970s
Royal Companion, 1950s
Bill McLane

Tower President, 1950s
Ton Sisson

Royal Quiet Deluxe, 1950s
Richard Polt

Olympia SM9, 1970s
Olivetti-Underwood Studio 21, 1960s-1970s
Smith-Corona Galaxy, 1960s
Sears, 1970s
Ted Munk

Brother Echelon 98, 1960s
Peter Baker

Hermes Rocket, 1970s
Marshall Gray

Royal Quiet Deluxe, 1950s
Royal Aristocrat, 1950s
Smith-Corona Silent, 1950s
Lawson Collection (about 30 typewriters)
Eric Lawson

Remington Performer, 1970s
Jen Aschmann

Smith-Corona Skyriter, 1960s
George Petersen

Maguire Collection
Kathy Maguire

Royal Safari, 1960s
Brown Royal QDL, 1946
Ryan Adney, Project Creator