Sunday, June 23, 2019

Happy Typewriter Day 2019!

As the sun sets on your day of celebration, raise up a typewriter to the memory of Christopher Latham Sholes. Be careful not to drop your typewriter. They are heavy.


  1. In commemoration of the Day I used all 5 of my over 100 year old typewriters today, and repaired one from 1922. (Mostly because Field Day conditions were so terrible.)

    Happy Typewriter Day!

  2. Since our high-and-holy day fell on a Sunday, this year, I am celebrating all week with a display-and-play event at work (college library). This will be our third year of inviting students and staff to experience analog word processing. For five days, I am the coolest guy on campus.

  3. Happy Typewriter day! Sorry I missed you at the type-in, guess I left too early. ):