Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Close Encounters at the Mesa Typewriter Exchange

I was on the phone with the unsinkable Bill Wahl from the Mesa Typewriter Exchange and he told me a story about a celebrity sighting in the store. 

Screenshot from Mr. Brown's Instagram

I guess Mr. Brown stopped by last thursday and brought a very nice Olympia that was in the shop. Pretty cool.

You might ask why I called. Well, the 7th Phoenix Type-In is in the works and a date is forthcoming. Regardless, it will probably be later this summer. Keep your ear to the typebars for more information. 


  1. Hi Ryan, so now I have to go and Google Alton Brown!

  2. I had to Google him too. But it's still neat that he came to the shop! I assume he bought the SM7?

  3. Me too. As soon as I saw the name I had to find out if he was related to Les Brown (music) whose father was my trumpet teacher as well as the teacher for a few other (not me) famous musicians.

    Always great when a famous person visits a typewriter shop.

    Best wishes of success for the Type-in.