Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fuji, Save FP-100C!

If you are a lover of the analog, this story will darken your heart. Fuji has decided to end production of their last pull-apart film, FP-100C.

If you have a pack film Polaroid, you know how wonderful this film is. I've even used it for a few typewriter-themed posts.

I think Fuji is crazy, but they cite economic reasons. It's a compelling argument, Fuji, but you are the last manufacturer of this technology. Maybe you could raise the price a little. I'd pay. The Impossible Project seems able to keep milking the hipster gravy train*. Do that, but with better film.

I signed the petition. You should too.

* I am the Pablo Picasso of mixed metaphors.


  1. As much as I like the Impossible Project, their products are expensive. Can you imagine what they would charge for pack film?

  2. I've never used much Polaroid film even for exposure tests. Then, had I know this still existed I may not have gotten rid of my old Polaroids. It is saddening all the film products that are disappearing.

  3. Ahhh that's a damn shame. I used to use this for tester shots on my Mamiya camera. Signing, but I think it's like raking poop up hill,.

  4. Very true! Impossible Project would make it prohibitively expensive! Fp100c gives professional and predictable results IP is more suited for the hipster crowd...