Tuesday, March 31, 2015


While a typewriter isn't exactly silent, it does allow one to enter a space where one's internal silence can come forth.

I try to talk to my students about silence and it's not exactly easy. They have a real fear of silence as if the moment you strip away all the noise what you are left by yourself. I can see how that would be scary.

This typecast is brought to you by a very lovely Olympia typeface.


  1. Fear of the unknown is understandable. It seems like younger folks feel lost and alone when they are forced to "disconnect." I find this horribly sad as the connection they are addicted to is superficial at best.

  2. I know every generation has probably felt this way, but the difference between kids today, who have never known boredom, solitude, or silence, and the kids of our generation seems utterly profound - like two different species. I can't imagine trying to teach a classroom full of them.

  3. If one has never been exposed to silence through childhood by parents, the complete absense of sound may not even be concieveable by someone in school. I do not know when I learned it myself. Seems to always been a part of life.

    One of the best most realistic examples of total silence would be a visit to and audio aniconic chamber: absolute silence.

  4. The fear of being by yourself is the saddest fear of all.