Friday, August 29, 2014

Very Odd Visual Aids

When you integrate typewriters into a class lesson it makes for some very anachronistic PowerPoint slides.


  1. Judging by that recent "kids react to typewriters" video, it is a very timely and valuable quickstart! (:

  2. Very good work on the graphics. Good looking Royal too.

  3. Mr. Adney,

    Rob Greene here, out in Nashua, N.H. I'm another one of those high-school teachers who uses typewriters in the classroom. I teach creative writing, journalism, and freshman writing (think College Comp for the high-school set), and I started hauling in pieces from my typewriter collection because I didn't have enough computers to go around. That was back in 2012, I believe.
    The in-class collection has grown steadily -- mostly through lawn-sale and thrift-store finds, along with the occasional donation. I keep them running the best I can and usually gift a couple of outgoing-senior members of my writing club with a graduation typer.
    I went to a Type-In in Cambridge, Mass. a couple of months ago, and Tom mentioned that you were out there in the 'net. A little digging and here you are.
    Good to meet you.