Monday, November 25, 2013

Pineapple and Typewriters

Pineapple and typewriters don't mix. Specifically Dole pineapple cups and this typewriter.

Brian–typewriter lover and overall good student–was holding a cup of pineapple his teeth while carrying this typewriter back to his desk. A moment later I herd a yelp, a kerfuffle, and a blur. I turned to see small golden nuggets of pineapple falling into the segment of this typewriter, a stream of juice smacking the floor, and a horrified Brian looking at me like he was preparing to meet his maker.

I have had students bend type bars. I have had typewriters dropped. I have seen dubious choices made over how to treat someof these machines. Never have I encountered a typewriter filled with pineapple and pineapple juice.

As you can imagine, this typewriter is out of commission. The segments are completely frozen and the machine is non-functioning. Thankfully, I know what happened and I will be able to clean it very soon. In this instance a full water dunk will be the best option.


So my advice: Don't dump pineapple into a typewriter.


  1. Oh noOO!!! Makes for a good story, though.

  2. Sounds like a flushing with steaming hot water followed by a blast of good cleaner/lube like Kroil

  3. or just spray with whipped cream and add a couple of cherries!

  4. Oh noez!!

    I am a klutz and this sounds like something I could do.

  5. I suppose there's just no way you can totally kid-proof a typewriter. I have yet to spill beer onto mine though I have done the ol' comedy trick of nudging a cup of coffee over with the carriage. I wonder if a steam cleaner would work better than dunking?