Friday, August 16, 2013

Old Friends

Remington typewriters are pretty common.

If you work in an institution that had a significant amount of post-war growth (i.e. every school in the Phoenix Area) you probably have seen (or used) Remington Rand Library Bureau Division furniture.

Work/school is crawling with the stuff. Desks, tables, and dictionary stands. It's nice to bring old friends together again.


  1. Neat, I wasn't aware of this division of RR at all. Looks like they sure made durable stuff.

  2. I remember those wonderful old tables from my home town high school (which by the time I went was only grades 1-8 with the high school in another town, and the old school has since been closed for decades). I never knew they were special tables. To me in the 7 & 8 grades they were just neat old oak tables. There were a few in the new (at the time) high school too.